Tuesday, February 14, 2012

through my looking glass

i collect moments,
shouldn’t happen but did
not because of you or me
or anything we said
but because it’s meant to be
that way. . . it’s

it’s our relationship you see,
this casual causality
this everything is nothing and nothing
can’t be random
ordinary moments
finding spaces in the pattern. . .
remembering forward

not because it feels right
not living on a line
but being in a space instead
that feels so intertwined
wrapped loosely around the paradox
there is no space or time

We're doing major reconstruction in our library and my temporary office is actually in a rarely used classroom/ curriculum lab for Tteacher Ed.  As I walked in the other day, a professor was preparing a lecture and asked me, "Quick, name one word that describes you?"  Before I could answer, he said, "Flux, Right?"  And I laughed and said, "I was actually going to say Enigma."

I don't like being labeled or boxed or time-lined but have actually been called an Engima before.

Quick, what's your word?

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