Friday, November 29, 2013

wesley chapel

like so many leaves scattered,
tattered before the ashy day’s end
I find myself caught up in the wind’s
whispered sigh, pushing solidly at my

back….accelerating me and I imagine

that small space occupied by your hand.

Not anxious, not getting me out of the way….
instead moving with me as I sway in fiery
reds and yellows and crispy browns ~
a small stand of myself along a cemetery’s edge?

An odd meeting place for lovers without secrets…
hedging bets on dreams never dying…

and I’m caught up in the lacy folds of fence,
the white’s kept in and coloreds sleeping outside
in wiry waiting woods….all tangled,
haunted by neglect yet somehow

freer than their kept counterparts…
with families and a duty during holidays.

we skip stones and generations skip departed
like so many leaves scattered
tattered before the ashy day’s end,
finding ourselves...


Thursday, November 21, 2013


sometimes I’d like to
burn away
this gravity’d girth ~

and jettison
falling away
in ringed fire
hotwired in a
stolen shuttle

burning humanity
1111 g's
profanity unheard…
free as a bird
in a spacesuit
built for two ~
high on oxygen laced

slipping surly
mundanity ~

paradise unbound:

in a moon walk.

in silent thought


in a shooting star


we are… burning away…

Thursday, November 14, 2013

time travel

today I ran
so fast,
as fast as a kid
who knows she willl be airborne
any minute…

and the illusion paused
transporting me backwards
watching you walk away:
my stunned silence
a hall of mirrors

reflecting distortion
because I wasn’t a kid anymore.
I was me.  Now,
knowing who I am
and what I want

in comfortable skin.
no narcissistic reflection here,
that reflection I’m seeing
is your crestfallen
hope crumpled in a ball

in my stupid fist

holding notes passed
questions asked
giggled awkward refusals
now giving way
to adult’s ashes

I watch myself run…

this time, I’m chasing you down.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sorry whole

sometimes I'd like to dig a hole
deep and wide and hide
between the covers of the dirt
and work, writing a letter about sorry...
I can see the paper glowing white
as the letters flow ~ bright liquid tears
erasing fears I've disappointed you
and me while I wallowed selfishly
in pitied shame... in distorted humanity.
I am insanely numb in this in-fighting
in my head...the dead of knowing that
you hurt...and I hurt, so on I work
in my sorry whole.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


it was everything I never wanted:
staccato on a page,
haltingly painful brevity
stopping just short
of feeling like a fuck-off

it made me wonder more.

so I proceeded,
tiptoeing through your mind field.
giving what I hoped to find,
with every sentence
still held breath

you would want more

sudden clarity erases doubts
as it dawns on me in your
passive impoliteness
with your gritty teeth

that is everything I never wanted.