Tuesday, January 22, 2013

America Sings

America sings

I’ve heard America singing

The gandydancers swinging so low

Folkstreaming visions of work

Now outsourced to a machine

That hums so white but low still

I’ve heard America singing

That poet’s barbaric yawp

Carrying me Home

Celebrating self songs of accomplished visions

While a Native Laureate’s flags unfurl in a river flowing West to Oklahoma

I’ve heard America singing

The pulpit’s amens looking down on

Colorblocked angels who come after me,

Shoulder to shoulder but divided still

In segregated harmonies

I’ve heard America singing

Eyes turned flagward

Before the game…

Mumbled uncertainty of tomorrow’s

Choked on words hard to forget…

Here’s what I hear:

America’s face now in a book

Dancers, poets, underground preachers…players

Each sweet with a prophet’s vision’s babel

Towering cacophony, all talking at once

Listening I wonder am I the only one

Who Heard America's Singing?