Friday, March 20, 2015

the new collosus, revisted. . .


 for Ms. Agnes, Holocaust survivor

they wore stripes…

and stars pinned to chests

swollen with lies they were sold to get them

there...still freshly ringing.


tired, hunrgy and huddled

they yearned to breathe once again

a freedom they had known

just days before the death trains came

taking their motherland,

their family,

their identity,

their youth.


raining with a poison of generations denied,

numb even among the 7,000 remaining

they had no thing left but a colossal loss

embossed with apathy.


they were  like pinpoints on a black shroud.


we wear stars . . .

and stripes

swollen, proud chests

endowed and silently believing more than we should

the blurbs we are told to keep us shielded behind borders.


like inscriptions on a historical plaque,

we are tired, poor and huddled.

hungry for the ideal of our motherland

our family,

our identity,

our youth,


and our freedoms

to know the truth once and for all

in all of our stars and stripes.

Soon there will be no more survivors.