Monday, March 31, 2014

cosmic dandelion 33


in a lovely yellow space,
there is a magic place
where dreams become real
and we're allowed to heal.
in that home we grow and dream
we're tendered to be...everything,
and any that we want
and all flows to us easily.
on winds and willows heath,
home's space above and beneath
feeds us health and abundant lives
without strife or stress or sorrow.
it is ours anytime:
in all of our tomorrows,
let us be....
simply, happy.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

the purge

I really like when the words spill out of me

like some dirge in a symphony unrequited


watching them fill the empty spaces I love

being alone with you, finding myself being born again ~

new spirit, baptized in fired taps on keys

feel my release of us in spent harmony, no rhyme this time


only raw emotion lit irradiated, can you hear the animated sound

of all my nouns and verbs and adjectives? ~ the satisfying stop

of a period.  the only silence in my mind in displaced time.


I really like it when the words spill out of me. . .

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Reflections from a Southern Pedicure....or, a Wrinkle in Time

Is it just me who’s worried that many people’s tmi- boundaries are getting a little too wide-for-comfort likely because of social media? The restraint people used to have in public is rapidly disappearing.

Recently I walked in a local spa and immediately know I'm in trouble when I see (and hear) this mouth of the south older woman with heavy makeup and somehow wrong spikey hair talking to her peeps all over the shop.

((Insert expletive you know I used (IN MY HEAD) here.))

But I haven't had a pedicure since like before Christmas and my feet look like a troll's.  I only have this one hour of opportunity that I’ve planned with a precision that would make NASA proud?  There’s no turning back now.

So I settle in. And I hear about their hormones, about their hormone replacement, about their husband's responses to Viagra (varied results-- I thought that crap was like foolproof), about their eyebrows, about how they might get eyebrow tattoo's about how eyebrow tattoo's cost out the wazoo apparently, about how they don't like to cook, about how they don't like to clean, about how they don't really need to know how to cook and clean if they're good at something else (wink wink)-- GROSS! Did I mention that these ladies were well upwards of late to mid-60’s?

Are you scared now? It reminded me of the e-surance commercial where little old lady Beatrice is an "Offline Over-Sharer."  Beatrice is rapidly adapting to social media and the consequences, as you'll soon see, could be when they started Instagramming their feet.  I mean I’ve done that once but it was a joke? I had a rainbow loom toe ring on for heaven’s sake?

From now on I'm going to the VIP area with comp’d champagne where at least I can get buzzed if I have to listen to this banter?  It was funny and depressing and irritating all at once, kindof like fbook in realtime?

Maybe social media really is dying—or the demographic that it’s appealing to the most will be?

At least they'll have nice feet? And, they will have the Instagrams to prove it!:/