Wednesday, February 6, 2013

nessun dorma

nobody sleeps anymore
have you noticed?
even those with all the right reasons
wrestle with it each and every night
unable to settle their days
their seasons….
with reason that used to make sleeping people

feel all is right with their world….

nobody sleeps…

the moon even stays out during the days now?
how odd? what she is hiding inside….
shining mostly during the hours
so late….so humbling when you’re wide
awake silently walking the floors
seeing houses stilled dark all around you
wondering if within them…wondering if
there’s someone…

someone noticing….

nobody sleeps…

not in these hours. In dormant day’s end
there’s anonymity perfected in faces illuminated
with other lives….other worlds….other
sides of selves we’d rather not show in the light
of days….so now so lucidly we may create
authentic selves without the mask …yet screened
in bits of encrypted illusion….

we ask ourselves why?

nobody sleeps?