Sunday, February 12, 2012

I am a little sailor girl....or a pirate looks at 44

I have obsessed recently with vintage sailor things? I don't know exactly why though? My dad was in the Navy, and I've always been fascinated with his two tattoo's (as is my 7 year old.) I live on the Gulf Coast and love the water. I'm a Cancer, born July 18th....and oh yeah I'm about to turn 45? Maybe that's it! That old Jimmy Buffett song, about Mother, Mother Ocean has been swimming in my head lately? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Here's some of the fun vintage sailor-y things I've recently collected:

Firstly there's this little guy ~ a World War II sailor bank. I have him perched at the beachhouse on my dresser and he's fitting there just fine♥ Suddenly I notice my bedroom there kindof reminds me of what I romantically imagine a bedroom in an old lighthouse to look like? Cool blues, a quilt hanging behind the headboard. Maybe I was a lighthouse keeper's wife in another life?

Then there's the clothes.....ah the clothes, so many nautical clothes. A sailboat skirt here ~ a cute little crop top there that pairs nicely with some Wal-mart red shorts (when's the last time I owned red shorts?) It's madness I say!

I won't even go into the I love SAILING tote that I loved all the more because it was vintage AND from Halifax....a sailing tote from Nova cool is THAT?

Now with all I've plundered maybe this feeling will pass...maybe I'll book a cruise...

and maybe I am just a little sailor girl♥

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