Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why do we do this?

why do we do this?

we do it because we love it.

this dance of words...

courage hurled upon a page,

persuading ourselves

despite our constant parade of humanity

that calamity of life is wonderful

amid those fragile shells

we tiptoe around ~

the silent sounding thoughts;

the echoes in our collective head…

that secretly dread the day when east meets west

without apology and we are facing

that omniscient horizon.

what will we find then?

when time no longer matters and the

days are scattered out before us

without that thin line that grounded us along?

how will our rhymes sound then

amid the babbling den of everything?

or nothing?

I’m wondering? will the temptation arise

to double back within the loop of space

erasing all the waiting from before and

seize the day’s open door of opportunity

in that stunning gift of frail human possibility

once we finally grow and know….

why we do this?

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