Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Samantha's Song

Samantha's song...
walking off the world

so here I finally am
no hurry to find you there
walking off the world

seemingly finally heard
in the last breath drawn
with a steely smile…

I’ve wondered all the while
about this and that,
and I’m wild with all regret

that this has been so hard
for you and me….
this continued confidentiality?

Will April always be the
cruelest month for you and me?
seems like there’s an empty space of days…

when we sit down and chat in lost malaise
over early times, and better times
and the innocence of illusion…

of happily ever after times
and all the opportunities chosen
wasting, chasing away our youth.

I always feel the showers falling
in april’s soft sweet streets,
puddles reflecting a muzzled face…

and I’m so there finally,
no hurry to find you
walking off the edge.

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