Saturday, January 28, 2012

why we do this....

I'll be honest with you: I don't know where I'm going with this. I think this space is meant to be a bit like an inspiration board? And, I tend to collect things that inspire me. I collect words and memories and make them into poems. I collect dreams and try to turn them into realizations. I collect vintage fashion and shoes and try to turn them into an expression of unique donna-ness.....but it's all really the same thing isn't?

If you google why we collect things you'll find loads of pages exploring the Freudian psychology of collecting.

But you know why I think we do this?

We do it because we love it.

This little box started one of my collections I'm most fond of...My Enid Collins purse collection. I quite literally stumbled upon it doing an image search in google for "pot of gold" where I found this flickr photostream:

glumpire's enid collins purses set in flickr

And I'm a little fuzzy on the details after that, but I'm pretty sure after squealing with delight I typed as fast as my little fingers could....and magically, incredibly there were hundreds of listings for these little purses.

And as you'll see in upcoming posts, I couldn't possibly stop at just one?

Why would I want to?

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