Thursday, June 11, 2015

epiphany, for savannah



there comes a moment in life as a parent

a moment of undiluted, focused clarity

when you see the child watching…

and you know…

you know that child is at once your mirror

and also your sponge….infinite possibility:



your chance to make a difference in this world


and if you’re lucky, you’ve noticed it early

because you’ve been watching her as well?


you’ve watched her wonder about lengthening shadows

and the furrows on your brow…

you’ve watched her wander aimlessly with a stick

zig-zagging behind, zen-like in mother-earth

a meditation garden of her own imagination…

you’ve watched her come into her self.


and to be completely honest,

there’s a celebration to be had there?

a welcoming home….in letting her unfold

and be who she will…whoever that is,

learning from the zigs and zags in that shifting sand


all the while offering her a hand to hold when she needs one?


there comes a moment in life as a mother…

a moment when you discover

the child that you’ve delivered…

can also deliver you ~


if you’ll let her.

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