Monday, February 10, 2014

imagine, revisited

imagine revisited



I’m igniting an anarchy of one

inside of this Saturn’s return,

~ knowing ~

I can’t keep re-winding myself

caught up in spiritual adolescence.


and so I’m working on me ~

choosing to work myself free…


free of the cocoon that got me this far,

of religion and nation and my own bloody wars.

free of  self- inflicted disillusionment:

my best intentions without my focused intent.


how is the time best spent?

not running out but spilling into itself?

now all we have are those endless possibilities…


I’m so tired of exploring myself,

everything seems so tightly shelved:

a closed book with ripped-off cover.


I can’t be written off like that?

I’d rather burn it all away

like a free-bird firebird phoenix in the ashes

red cinnamon anarchy rising, not in chaos

but uncompromising divinity:

birthing human’s kind hood.

and, lennon’s dreamstance finally understood.


and so I’m working on me ~

working to choose myself free…


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