Wednesday, December 11, 2013

a soulin'

a’ soulin’

for bindi

I can hear myself think here
in this journey of wild divine
hear me come a’ soulin’
a’ soulin’ in your lovelight shine ~

here I come a’soulin’ in your soul so true
here I come a’soulin’.. souling deep within you

a friend, a lover, co-creater and muse:
soul shine yen yang whispers clearly so blue ~
fill me with your fragile beauty, with your questioning within
hear me come a’ soulin’ ~ a’ soulin’ across that ocean wind ~

here I come a’soulin’... in your heart so clear
here I come a’soulin’... can you feel me getting near?

lives hanging in the balance suspended in the wait
here I come a’soulin’ not finding us too late.
eclipsed in the chaos between the sun and moon
someday turning here to now’s way ~never saying never much too soon~

here we come a’ soulin’... what is there to fear?
here we come a’ soulin’...our answers all too clear ~

a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul
the world will ask a penny for your soul?
but we aren’t even from this place?
and our souls we will not forsake ~

so here we are soulin’... souling in our wild divine
blissed in loving freedom, our souls now intertwined ~

a soul, a soul, a soul, a soul …
find me thankful, my beautiful soul ~


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