Thursday, October 17, 2013


Bayou Boy

I knew you as a boy
Oblivious to your admiration
Tide pulling you to me in
Starry eyed illumination
While I just waxed and waned,
shrouded in my brakish fog…

Now I know you as a man
Seriously driven
With eyes not starry but shining still
I thrill at your attention
Then and now,
head turned towards my silvered
gelatin kisses, no longer so oblivious.

I wonder about you?
What shines behind those sleeping eyes?
Am I tugging on your dreaming shores?
What lies there?  Flotsam from the past?
So far removed now from bayou’s breath,
from streams and home and permanence,
I watch in shifting phases:

Shadowed  timekeeper of our sky
Shared once, shared still…
No-one has to know but us?
My nightly runnings through your glass,
Drifting in dreamland's technicolored bayou brilliance.
Now rising in our morning's purple waking haze,
I'm reflecting in your bayou's gaze.

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