Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Before there were vampires...

About a year ago I started having these weird Zombie dreams that puzzled me and (quite frankly) freaked me out more than just a little bit.  In a world inundated by vampires I kept asking myself, what's the deal with zombies who seemed to synchronistically be lurking around every corner in my cosmos.  After writing about it, talking about and just letting the dream simmer a little while, I decided to confront whatever subconscious issues I may or may not have with Zombies.  As a result I'm on a quest to view as many Zombie movies as I can stomach and chronicle them here:

The movie that started it all was Zombieland.
And I have to admit, it will probably always be my favorite.  I don't know if it was the stream of consciousness likeability of all the characters nicknamed by their hometowns, the holy grail quest for fresh twinkies or the truly useful 30 rules of survival, but sometimes during an apocalypse the only thing you CAN do is laugh when all the tears are gone.  That's universal, and probably list worthy.  Add the element of abandoned amusement park spelunking (zombie clown appearance notwithstanding) and you've got the odd elements of more nightmare fodder and sheer freakish delight.  Rating: 9/10 digits. (sorry I couldn't resist)

Zombieland was followed by a string of zombie don'ts including but not limited to:  AAAH! Zombies!  (supposedly told from the pov of zombies who incidentally do NOT have brains--enough said, not digit worthy at all!) Then there was The Crazies (the remake I was not crazy about) and several other "so bad they're supposed to be good" B zombie movies that were really ....just....bad that I was truly about to despair.

Then I met Abraham Lincoln versus Zombies.  Now this was *supposed* to be the summer of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, but really aren't we all tired of vampires?  Do we really have to hunt more? Can't Bella and Edward and their vampire spawn just fade into our collective consciousness? I think they can and Abe convinced me of that!  The Lincoln plagued by Zombies is a direct to dvd mockbuster made by my good friends at The Asylum.  I'm actually kindof an Asylum fan because they excel at B movies making them almost an art form.  I'll tell you truly, this movie makes you wonder about sitings of "modern day" zombies jacked up on bath salts.  The movie has a plot, twists history, has decent acting and most of all the zombie makeup is fantastic.  It's another well deserved 9/10.

Coming soon....a zombie love story, oh my!  My review of Warm Bodies...

While we are waiting for Warm Bodies, I'm also in the midst of watching what may be the most interesting twist on epic I've ever watched: The Walking Dead. This series is inspiring me to read the graphic novels also, so look for upcoming reviews of both here as well.

The space  above will be reserved for additions to my zombie movie collection. (Yes the Romero ones will be among them.)  Until then the following links are for the non-believers out there:

Modern Day Zombies:

The CDC has a Zombies 101 preparedness page.  My advice? Check out Columbus' 30 rules as well.

CDC's "official" reassurance there is no *known* virus causing people to be zombies.

Bath Salts? Really?  hmmmmmmmm

Zombies in History: (I'll resist posting a list of past presidents, rulers and the like here)

The top three zombie outbreaks in history.

Zombies, A Living History from The History Channel.

Zombies in Nature:

There's a fungus among us

Zombie Ants, yep they're real

Oh, and before I forget.....sweet dreams!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this lol. I wasn't sure if i would. The worrying thing is, how some councils are taking a possible 'zombie apocalypse' so seriously, shedding a lot of money out, to enact a possible real life scenario breaking out.I mean wth is that all about. Anyway, back on track, it was a light hearted trip through some interesting flicks, laced with some 'slap and tickle' Donna style ;-)

donna said...

Thank you for your comment! :)Something also interesting, a doctor friend of mine (who's heard her share of my zombie citings,) watched the Miami story unfolding and mentioned to other doctors it COULD be a parasite / fungus etc causing this. She said they thought she was crazy....NOT! Wth indeed? :/

Anonymous said...

Well there certainly seems to be some strange things happening, twilight zone stuff eek. I guess when local councils start preparing for some kind of zombie apocalypse, the grey matter starts pulsing. There is a recession spreading, and they waste money on, make believe; or is it.muhahahahaha